12 March 2013

Phoenix HQ - Update No. 4

In the month and a half since the last blog work has continued on the Phoenix HQ despite the bad weather. When the last post was written the work that was happening on site included the installation of the SIPs, the blockwork and the installation of the zinc.
 Zinc Roof - 29.01.2013
This month the zinc has been moved from the walls to the roof so that, although no visible progress has been made for the casual passer by. The majority of the roof is now covered and work can progress on large areas of the first floor without fear of water damage.
Acoustic linings on roof - 28.02.2013
Where the zinc has been installed and the roof is water tight the team on site have been fixing a layer of rockwool to the internal face of the roof to create an acoustic barrier. A layer of either plasterboard or OSB is then fixed on top of this. Once these have been installed they will need to be painted before first fix begins.

Sample of electrical conduits - 11.02.2013

In preparation of first fix commencing we have started to see samples of what the M&E sub-contractors are proposing. With the exposed blockwork and minimal finishes these are of particular importance as they will be more visible than in an ordinary building.
Credit Union Screed - 11.02.2013

Now that the blockwork is complete on the ground floor the team have been progressing with the screed floor. So far the entirety of the screed in Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 should have been finished in time for the next blog.
Breaking ground - 20.02.2013

As well as exciting things happening on the inside of the main building, work has continued around the rest of the site. The work required to reinforce the rear site wall has been completed and the foundations for the Barn and Substation are now in place. 
By the next update the Barn's frame and SIPs will have been installed and first fix will have commenced. The internal walls will also have been painted, which means we will be able to start getting an impression of what the internal spaces will feel like.
 The site - 28.02.2013

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